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the factor continues 24/7 on we will see you on the post-game show. we do hope to see you again next time. the spin at stops right here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight. >> the president hung out, played some tennis, he is going to hit the links today. sean: it is vacation time for president obama. >> i kept my oath. >> the marines who faced off with the congressman is here. >> the next victim as president barack obama. >> the governor of new york has a warning for the president. at the white house brings back end of life guidelines. >> we do not have time for
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[bleep]. "hannity" starts right here right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute sean: tomorrow at the white house will announce that the country is in greater depth than we originally thought. obama is nowhere to be found. he has asked the press to respect his family's privacy of he is away from in hit -- away from them. what did we hear from this? nothing. i remember things different when george bush was in office. they used every vacation showing that he was lazy, reckless, and irresponsible. bob herbert chastised the president for taking a vacation while the country was at war. mr. president, there is a war on. he might consider hopping on a plan to washington.
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at the washington post the said that if he concentrates really hard and stays in shape regularly, that he will be able to summon a miracle. there was another person who spoke out against mr. bush's presidential vacations from the beginning. he said in 2001 -- sean: i wondered if he shared those thoughts with president obama. hear discussed this ridiculous double standard, the author of "catastrophe" dick morris. this is the land of the liberals, martha's vineyard. >> in 1993 and 1994 bill clinton took vacations in martha's
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vineyard. i told him going into the summer of '95, cut it out. the photographs of you and starlet's are not doing you any good. you look like a beverly hillbilly. he laughed. they want you to go to the rockies in camping on vacation. i tested each activity. there is biking, which he could do, golfing he could do. the real reason he hated it was that he had to live in this three-person tent with chelsea. sean: that is not going to work. every president deserves a vacation. as he goes on at this vacation, and things could not be worse for him. the numbers are now a 45%. ha rasmussen, -14 on the presidential index rating. patterson is getting creamed as
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democratic governor of new york. corzine is in trouble in new jersey. harry reid is losing by 11 points. >> of the governor of massachusetts is behind the republican by five points. sean: when you put all of that together, going on vacation -- >> the big problem is these democratic senators and congressmen who are taking these unending stuff at town hall meetings. they are looking at obama on vacation. the real thing that is going on here is this unbelievable public groundswell against the health care package and concerned about the deficit. i thought that joe lieberman really broke some new ground yesterday when he opposes adopting the health-care package as it is now. he said, do not try to do it
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when we have this deficit and recession. that was a string of argumentation that really pulls all of the problems together in a very interesting way. i believe the democrats are going to try to ram this through with 50 votes. i do not believe they will go for a bipartisan accord. i think it will have a hard time getting 50 votes. the democrats are getting a sense that they have to run. byrd and kennedy are not going to vote. lieberman is off. nelson of nebraska is probably off the reservation. lincoln of arkansas, a tough reelection. you are getting to 53, 52 votes. you get it down to 49 and you wind. sean: max baucus, i misspoke
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last week. max baucus's numbers among democrats in terms of his handling of health care were very bad. >> there comes a time in every political situation where you are confronted with the one thing you can never predict, which is a politician's propensity to be willing to commit suicide. you cannot predict that. the president who is going to be there for four years is more willing to do that then a senator or congressman. you may find a lot of these guys jumping off very quickly as this moves towards a vote. he will pass something. sean: it may just be face- saving. their own estimates are off by $2 trillion. 25% higher deficit estimate. one of the things we have been
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predicting, when they first proposed medicare, it was nine times higher than the original projections. how is that going to impact this? >> it will be devastating for him. my wife and i titled are booked "catastrophe " " that was not the stimulus package. that was not the recession. the catastrophe is the debt. what that is going to mean that in 2010 and 2011, i think it is likely that with this high deficit, you are going to recover a little bit and enter a depression. but it is a drop, up , drop. on the second tip that may happen in 2010, you may have humongous inflation. the fed cannot stimulate the economy without risk of having the inflation go completely crazy. you know how a patient dies when you have two things.
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you cannot treat them both. something like being unable to be stimulated because of the inflation but having to stimulate because of the recession. it would be totally unnecessary if he had not passed and the stimulus package. sean: this professor predicted everything. he is saying this recession could last another two years with a slight recovery. no employment as part of it. the interest rates go up. we really have ourselves a very dangerous economic oxygenation in this country. >> we cannot control the inflation by raising the interest rates. that is going to cause more unemployment and recession. sean: what is the political fallout of that scenario unfolding? >> it is a disaster for the democrats. you can literally see 100 seats
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changing in the house. if we go into a double dip recession and there is a perception that that is because of obama's that the set and they pass health care reform in some version and add that to the deficit and there is the bailout of chrysler and that causes the stagflation, then all bets are off. it is unbelievable. this guy is heading for it. all that i can say is he is heading for catastrophe. sean: a good title for a book, but it is frightening for the country. maxine waters has a message for you if you oppose the government auction. we will have that shocking video coming up. the marine veteran that confronted somebody at a town hall because he used the word of brownshirts.
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sean: liberal attacks against opponents of health care reform continues. here is maxine waters discussing that lawmakers that oppose the government health care option. >> not only are we going to do everything we can to put pressure on the senators, some of whom are neanderthal. sean: that is the kind of name calling and i have come to expect from the democrats. [ female announcer ] introducing the latest
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sean: town halls have become opportunities for americans across the country to vent their frustrations with the democrat agenda. brian barrett's event was no upset -- exception. a former marine took him to task. >> to defend my constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. [applause]
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i heard you talking about educating or indoctrinating our children. stay away from my kids. [applause] i also heard you say that you are going to help us get our health insurance. thank you. it is not your right to decide whether i keep my plan or not. as a disabled veteran who serve this country, and do you ever -- i intend to keep my oath, and do you ever intend to keep yours? " astronomy now is a former marine corporal and david hendrick. thank you for being with us. you are a disabled veteran. you serve with them for 3.5, four years? >> that is correct. sean: the reaction was amazing. what are your thoughts about what unfolded?
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>> i went to the town hall because the health care thing is huge. that is the straw that broke the camel's back. this is bigger than the health care thing. we are trying to decide what role does government have in our lives? where should this government stop. we have a constitution. it is a contract between the states, the citizens, and the federal government. the federal government has decided to break that contract. sean: you are not part of any organized group. you are not part of a mob. you are obviously passionate. you obviously had the crowd with you. one of the main reasons he wanted to be there is because the congressmen had used the term brownshirts to describe the people showing up at town halls. >> i confronted him on that. i do not think it is acceptable that he is comparing us to not cease. -- nazis.
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he has compared us to timothy mcveigh. if you want to call us not seas, let's look at national socialism -- us nazis, let's look at national socialism. it is very much what we see in this administration. it is the same economic and political policy. if they want to talk about nazis, they may find that the swastika is on their own arm. sean: you obviously had the crowd behind you. he did not give a full apology for that statement. i did not hear him say that i am sorry for using that term. did you find his so-called apology acceptable to you? >> it was more of a political dance. i do not know if it was an irish jig or a waltz. he avoided the words. he did not want to admit to saying it. as my representative, you should
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be able to stand up there and admit what you said. if you believe you did something wrong, admit it. you work for us, we do not work for you. sean: we seem to forget the term public servants. her monologue is a great reminder of that. we have an investigative report coming up later in the program. the story broke in the wall street journal last week. there was a 52-page book entitled, "your life, your choices" published in 1997 that was given to va hospitals and nursing homes around the country. when george bush found out about it, they canceled the book. barack obama has brought it back. we will go into some of the specificity. they raise questions about, how are you going to feel if you do yourself as a financial burden to your family -- as you yourself as a financial burden
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to your family? these are the people that defended our freedom. is that part of your concern that this is not being discussed? >> this is obviously something that they are going to try to bury and spin away like they always do. this is not acceptable. it should not have happened in the first place. to say that our veterans, who risked their lives to serve this country, that we are going to place a dollar value on their lives. it is disgusting. sean: the fact that they recommend that they do anything except to preserve and protect life is terrible to me. great job. that is democracy in action. you have to earn your right as a disabled veteran to say what you want. we appreciate you being here. that investigation into that book, which will have a special investigation coming up in a few minutes. the white house is set to release a brand new deficit
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protect -- projection. no wonder the president skipped town. wait until you get a load of these numbers and how far off they are.
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shopping less and saving more. now, that's progressive. call or click today. sean: brace yourselves, everyone. the white house and the congressional budget office says -- office will release its 10- year deficit projection. ed turner -- turns out that team obama's math was a little bit off. they make -- missed the mark by $2 trillion. this is from the original estimate of $7 trillion. it now matches that of the nonpartisan congressional budget office. they have been warning us that the plan will make the budget
9:24 pm
skyrocket. it is a good thing that the president will be on vacation. the people will realize how far into the financial hole that this process is driving us. david paterson is blaming all of his troubles on members of the news media who he claims are racist. he had a warning for president obama. >> you do not hear this crusade that it is time for the governor to step aside. my feeling is that it is being orchestrated. it is a game. we are not in the post ratio -- a post-racial period. the next victim is president obama. sean: it the white house political director called a aide to the governor.
9:25 pm
he was told not to drag president obama into the political mess that he was in. harry reid got some bad news. his ratings have been on a downward spiral for months. according to the latest mason- dixon poll, he now trails his republican challenger by double digits. he leads him by 11 points. tarkanian is a former u.n.l.v. basketball star. he only announced his candidacy on august 7. senator, i think your state is trying to send a message. over the weekend, good morning america it took a look at how the publicize extramarital affairs involving politicians. it is involved to republicans like mark sanford and david vader -- david vitter.
9:26 pm
they left out a few others. >> in every instance, i would ask their forgiveness. >> mark sanford admitted to having an affair with the argentinian woman. the wife of john horne chase chose to forgive. -- david vitter, g chose to forgive. >> it was the right choice for me. sean: kennedy's america continues in 90 seconds with a story -- hannity's america continues in 90 seconds.
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sean: the cash for clunkers program will end tomorrow at noon. there is still a lot of more to do. the department of transportation has asked employees of the faa to help them sort through the paperwork. contractors for citigroup have been hired. that is a comforting thought. when we come back, a report you cannot miss. @
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9:31 pm
some say that it promotes pulling the plug on our brave veterans. she is here with much more. >> it is a document called "your life, your choices." it helps people make choices about living wills and and of life care. this booklet was first published in 1997. the former director of faith based initiatives during the bush administration said that after the bush white house looked at how this book was treating complex health and moral issues, they decided to suspend its use. the document has been revised under the current obama administration. on page 21 of this document, a lot of controversy comes into play. it is a section called, what makes your life worth living? worth living, but just barely. or not worth living. here are some of the
9:32 pm
hypothetical situations. i can no longer walk, but get around in a wheelchair. i relied on a wheelchair to get -- keep alive. here is what they had to say. >> when you go beyond these questions to the boxes, the first option you have is difficult, but acceptable. a lot of people with disabilities, family members with strokes find life beautiful with meaning and purpose. there is suffering, but they're like does not been diminished by the illness. when a veteran comes back from iraq, they should not be given a book like this. they should be given preferences on how to maintain their dignity. >> we did contact the department of veterans affairs. they deny that this is an official document, calling a planning tool. the booklet is designed to help
9:33 pm
veterans deal with excruciating questions about what kind of health care they will like to receive if they are unable to make decisions for themselves. that explanation is not satisfying a lot of folks. arlen specter called for hearings to be held on this very matter. it looks like this controversy is just getting started. sean: joining me now with more on this story is karl rove. good to see you, sir. this book came out in 1997. it is 52 pages. the use it at va hospitals and nursing homes. the bush administration got wind of it and got rid of it. obama brought it back. >> the deputy chief of staff and the domestic adviser, when alerted to this thing, where tirelessly to get this quickly removed. it has been brought back by the obama administration. it would have been delivered in
9:34 pm
the last few days. they say that it is not an official document, but it is on there website. tammy duckworth on fox news sunday said that we have withdrawn the document, but it is still on their website. this is a lousy piece of material. it was taken down by the bush administration. it should not have been revived. >> governor palin, the power that she has with 1 facebook blog about his death paddles, she really define the debate. this is the kind of thing that you doocy with country was socialized medicine. the put a price on the years of productivity in europe. this should be a concern with people, should it not? >> it encourages people towards a certain direction, which is to give up and except pain. there is an interesting page in here. page 99 lists a series of
9:35 pm
disease groups that people could reach out to as resources. what to do at the end of your life to give guidance to your position and your family. it lists one group, compassionate choices. it gives a phone number. what they do not tell you is that is really the name of -- i have a high-tech graphics. that is the hemlock society. this is a group that believes in assisted suicide. is that not special? a lot of time and energy went into that. a little glass of poison. sean: did you draw that little glass of poisoned? >> the fox graphics department did that corrine -- and did that. it is amazing that the government would have an ideologue who is a witness in assisted suicide cases would write in the resources he has in
9:36 pm
this book that you should go to an assisted suicide group. that is the kind of guy we are giving to returning veterans? it is scary. if you are not worried about government health care, if you read this book, you will be. sean: democrats denied it and then they took it out korean -- and they took it out. you know it is going to be some government bureaucrat that is telling you how to save money. you have lived a good life. you do not want to be a burden to your children. they took it out. that did not make sense to me. >> historically, we have insulated at this very important and personal decision from government. we put it in the hands of our family attorney and our faith counselors and community. those 70 people who have helped
9:37 pm
individuals come to these important decisions. we should be very careful about turning this over to the government. the government has so many incentives. or two agents of the government. it pays doctors to give this counseling. doctors are not lawyers. they do not have the background of your past your or your preacher. that is exactly what the bill did. it was an interesting piece to me and the washington post by somebody who is left of center. he said that he was deeply troubled by the institutional cassation of government -- institutionalization of government guidance in these areas. you can see what the va did. sean: tomorrow we will get revised numbers on the deficit. the obama projections from a few months ago were off by $2
9:38 pm
trillion. interestingly, the ap and fox were reporting that president obama is going to nominate the fed share to a second term, ben bernanke. is that a shrewd move or a political distraction as the revised numbers? as we look at the numbers for health care, if they are off by 8 $2 trillion and six months, why would we have any confidence on health care? >> it is smart for the administration to end this discussion about who the fed chief will be. get it done now. i do think that the timing is disingenuous. i think they're doing it to carry the story. we toss around billions and trillions. the obama administration is revising its deficit number to reflect that the congressional budget office already did. the obama administration was off
9:39 pm
by nearly a $7 billion estimate and a $2 billion revision. that is nearly a third off. they were one-third off. why should we believe them about these numbers? there is not much that has changed in the last six months. the cbo called it. they are doing it while he is on vacation. sean: on the day that these numbers are revised. john zogby has the president at 45. the lowest number he has had. rasmussen has a lower number on the presidential index. as he goes into this vacation, things are spiraling out of control. he has more liberal opposition the conservative opposition. do the push a bill through just to save face? >> do not count him out just yet? it is smart for him to get off the stage now. the more he has appeared, the
9:40 pm
worst his numbers have gotten. less exposure is probably helpful. we're going to come back to a $150 million advertising blitz paid for primarily by the pharmaceutical companies being held up by the obama administration. he is going to have a big advertising blitz. sean: thanks for being with us. it is time to check in with greta van susteren for a sneak peek. i see the smile. greta: this has got to be the best score off ever. rush limbaugh and congressman maxine waters. we have that tonight. i know you will love that. what is up with former senator tom daschle? we have at the strange story about his business and in and out of the white house. he has given himself a new name. we have the new york times
9:41 pm
reporter that broke that story. how much do you think we pay on our interest debt for one month to try that? you talk about money with karl rove. this is insane. you will pass out when you hear it. sean: being lectured by the communist chinese about how to be a capitalist country, which drives me nuts. greta is coming up in a few minutes. when we come back, the great, great, great american panel. he ran off with his secretary! she's 23 years old! - oh, come on. - enough! you get half and you get half. ( chirp ) team three, boathouse? ( chirp ) oh yeah-- his and hers. - ( crowd gasping ) - ( chirp ) van gogh? ( chirp ) even steven. - ( chirp ) mansion. - ( chirp ) good to go. ( grunts ) timber! ( chirp ) boss? what do we do with the shih-tzu?
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9:46 pm
he is a syndicated columnist, cal thomas is here. the office of common ground, how to stop the partisan war it -- that is destroying america. she is a journalist and fox news contributor. you agree with bob. here we have this book. 52 pages that we are bringing to va hospitals and nursing homes. we are asking them to fill out workshops and scenarios about whether or not their life would be worth living. that does not faze you? >> it is called thinking about the inevitable. it is really hard to do. every american should have a living will. that is not a death penalty. sean: at that stage of your life, that is not the time to have the discussion. >> if you have not had it before, you might as well have it then. >> it is the conflict between
9:47 pm
two views of human life. thomas jefferson said that we are endowed by our creator. there are people in this administration that believe that we evolve from slime. if you believe that and your nearest relative is down at the zoo, then that is good. if you believe that you are created in the image of god, then you have a different public policy. >> this is a decision about two different kinds of human beings. sarah palin and the rest of humanity. are you kidding me? sean: for all you can say, she changed this debate. she beat back obama on facebook. >> she has a lot of times and she quit being governor. if i could get back to reality -- i am not here to defend every liberal. are you going to start right
9:48 pm
now? we have been talking about living wills for a long time. they are important for families. the first legislation introduced on this was introduced by republicans 10 years ago. if i had known that you guys never did drugs, listening to the two of you it sounds like and lsd flashback. sean: they are doing this to our veterans. this is part of the end of life counseling. >> there is a difference between a living will and a dying well. something that you want to do in consultation with your family and the clergy and the government telling you when your life ceases to have value. >> nobody is shackling anybody to a bad. that is not happening. sean: this is not the optimal time to do it. maxine waters use the term neanderthal.
9:49 pm
if you look at anthony wiener, and he said that 100 democrats will leave. maxine waters is saying that people who disagree are neanderthal. >> not only are we going to do everything we can to put pressure on those senators, some of whom are neanderthals, we are going to say to the president that we want you to use every weapon in your basket in order to get the senators to do what they should be doing. sean: it seems like the biggest problem for democrats is democrats. >> no one on fox news would ever call anyone who disagreed with them anything worse than a neanderthal? did we not evolve from neanderthals? >> the caveman in the insurance company commercial always gets insulted when being called a --
9:50 pm
called a caveman. sean: we had this brave or green on. we have had housewives on this program -- braves marine on. we have had house was on the program. we have the white house and we had to congress. >> if only you would pick up on maxine waters. there is a representative democrat. sean: she is not a representative democrat? >> she is not a prominent democrat. we are going to have some form of health care reform, whether you like it or not. the people at those meetings were doing more yelling who were against the plan. they -- we all have the right to express ourselves. would it not be nice to have a conversation that is quiet and not screaming from right and left that does not do anyone any good? why do you keep putting screaming people on every night? sean: you are here. bob and i were together this
9:51 pm
weekend. why were we to gather? i impressed bob with conservatism. what am i talking about? .
9:52 pm
. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa
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sean: and we continue now with our great american panel. all right, i convinced bob beckel to come to our final freedom concert. we had an eight-city tour, and you got to hear me sing "the devil went down to georgia." let's hear it. ♪
9:56 pm
>> first of all, i want to say that i went to the concert. they were mostly conservative, and they were great with me, and i think you. sean, you did a remarkable job, and you raised a lot of money, but listening to you do "the devil went down to georgia," and i know you try it years ago. it reminded me of eliza doolittle. i was right in front of him when he did that, and believe it or not, he hit it, because he was horrible five years ago. >> we will have to put you on that side. >> by the way, gladys, the woman who said she would like to marry me,ñi i am sorry we did not get together. çsean: the president is off on
9:57 pm
his, i am sorry, 29-acre, multi, multi, multimillion-dollar estates, and i guess he is single-handedly trying to get us out of this recession -- multimillion-dollar estate. >> your approval ratings start sinking, believe town, that is what he is going to do. i say to not do another town meeting for a long time. >> get congress out of town, did the president out of town, put their kids up, and do not let them back in -- get the president out of town, put barricades up. >> you cannot have a recession like this and not expect his numbers to be down. he is going to come back, and he will come back strong, and i will say it, just to bug you, the greatest american president
9:58 pm
in a long time. sean: canadian care is deteriorating. there was a steady, and many want a complete rebuilding of their systems -- there was a study. and yet, we are recreating in here -- recreating in here. >> people are waiting in line. my wife recently had some serious medical situations. they were telling us, "what to prove you did not have to wait very long for diagnosis or treatment? -- what?ç" ç>> the kaiser foundation, you have to wait six days to see your physician, and in britain's three days, in canada, two days. -- in britain, three days. sean: rationing. >> we are not even in the top 21
9:59 pm
incomes 2 overall, and we pay thousands for this allows the insurance -- which are not even in the top-10 overall. -- we are not even in the top 10. sean: the chronically uninsured, when you take out illegals, how about we have tax credits? how about we have medical savings accounts? >> i used to have a medical savings account. it was terrific. >> you know the should pay for the people who do not have health insurance? you should, and you should, and i should. sean: where does that say that in the constitution of the united states? >> the pursuit of happiness. sean: how do we survive over 100 sean: how do we survive over 100 years wit

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